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Round, DS, Oval Tooling, Shape Tooling, Multitip Tooling, Tablet Dies & Punches, Spares for Tablet Press.

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No process is more important in producing the desired quality of tablets than the proper procurement of tablet tooling. Every tablet manufacturing division should establish a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for their process.

Manufacturing a tablet in various shapes and color and design enhances the product’s recognition.  The uniqueness of its shape is limited by the tablet compression force required to produce the tablet., the formulation characteristics, and the design’s impact on tooling performance.  The shape of the tablet is not the only factor to design any  new shape of tablet..  The choice of geometric configuration can effect the output of the tablet press and with some sharp angled tablet configurations, can cause damages to the tablet punches, tablet dies and tablet cams and this ultimately results to;

  • The product becomes contaminated with metal from broken punch tipe.
  • Broken punch tips, produces deformed tablets, which can lead to rejection by Quality Control.
  • Tablets are ground up and reprocessed and this ultimately leads to costly reworking of the tablets.
  • Higher quantities of broken tablets are present in waste output of sorter (tablets are not reprocessed).
  • Labor costs are increased, which could result in higher prices to users and ultimately effects the product’s competitive position in the marketplace.
  • Time is lost in distributing the product, which could delay introducing a new product or cause a purchaser to run out of an existing product.
  • Some shaped tablets break easily when fed through the sorter or tablet filler

A few guidelines are listed below that would ensure you to order and get the right toolings.

  • Based on the diameter of tablet to be compressed, the type of tooling can be decide
  • If the product is abrasive or corrosive then it is recommended that the MOC of tablet punches be  HCHC (AISI - D3) tooling instead of OHNS (AISI - 01). Even HARD-CHROME plated toolings should be able to withstand abrasion & corrosion.
  • If the product is sticky it is advisable to use hardchrome plated tooling.
  • If the product is sticky it is advisable to use hardchrome plated tooling.
  • While placing an order for tooling, please give exact details of the machine make, number of stations, type of tooling, quantity etc.
  • Please give reference of earlier supplies made if any spares for tablet press with your new order for traceability and matching of the same.

Round, DS, Oval Tooling

Round Tooling, DS Tooling, Oval Tooling    Round Tooling, DS Tooling, Oval Tooling

Shape Tooling

Shape Tooling      Shape Tooling

Shape Tooling      Shape Tooling

Multitip Tooling


Multitip Tooling     Multitip Tooling

   Multitip Tooling