Pharmaceutical centrifuge equipment can be used in a variety of manufacturing processes that involve separating substances of different densities. Like most other equipment that we offer, we can optimize this equipment for the processes you need to perform, so you can complete them as efficiently as possible.


  • High volume capacity – With the ability to handle flows as high as 150 gallons per minute, our centrifuges can be used in operations large and small.
  • Long-term performance – Our centrifuges are built with heavy-duty components to ensure that they will run efficiently many years down the road.
  • Automation – Our centrifuges can be automated to ensure that they complete tasks with precision and minimize the need for operator oversight.
  • Easy integration – Our pharmaceutical centrifuge equipment has widespread compatibility that can be integrated into your existing system with ease, sparing you from having to replace other equipment you currently use.
  • Energy efficiency – This technology is designed to consume as little energy as possible, helping you save money on your energy bills.