FBD Tipper


The Tippler-Lifting and tipping device is a hydraulic device which is having an arm used for lifting and turning FBD bowl by 180. Thus it is used to unload fluid bed dryer bowl material in to Cone mill OR Multi mill OR Oscillating granulator in a dust free way for downsizing or dry milling. The operation is completely dust free and eliminates manual handling or scooping.

The FBD Bowl is placed beneath the Tipper. The inverted cone of the Tipper is lowered so that the brim flange of the bowl touches the inverted cone. Both are clamped together with quick fixing clamps. The whole assembly is raised.


  • Contact parts in SS 316 and non-contact parts in SS 304.
  • Single Pillar Design.
  • Hydraulic lifting & lowering system.
  • Cone rotated by actuator to give 0-180 & 180-0 rotation.
  • Cone locking to FBD bowl by clamps.
  • Lifting, Lowering & tilting speed can be adjusted.
  • Control panel provided on the machine.
  • Hydraulic power pack kept on the service floor or inside the base itself.

AVAILABLE CAPACITIES:  To suit any FBD capacity.